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I do a lot of stuff sense I like exploring possible fun things! I'm an aspiring manga artist and cosplayer, who sometimes dabbles in other things like literature, songs, and different crafts.


Yumiya Academy: Masashi Goya by furystarcat
Yumiya Academy: Masashi Goya
So this is for Yumiya-Academy

A friend and I thought it would be fun so I went and did it!

The headshot is of him after playing volleyball hence his hair being pinned back, the piercings gone and the worn out look. xp
•Main info•

First Name: Masashi

Surname: Goya

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Date of birh: September 23

Zodiac: Libra

Blood type: AB

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 148lb.

Nationality: Japan (Half-Japanese, Half-Swedish)

Dominant hand: Right

•School Information•

School: Yumiya Academy

Age: 16

Year: 1st

Club: Volleyball Club

Position/Instrument..: Wing Spiker #13


Likes: Cute things, a challenge, volleyball

Dislikes: violence, spinach, june bugs, getting things in his hair

Hobbies: cooking, gardening, volleyball

Fears: having his piercings ripped out, not being able to play volleyball anymore

Love interests: Leon Oliver (belongs to SkilledSlacker)

Friends: Masashi makes friends easily especially on the volleyball team.

Speciality: He's a talented cook. In volleyball he specializes in his blocking and spiking. His signature serve however is a float serve.

•Other info•

Family:  Noriko Goya (Mother), Kazuhiro Goya (Step-Father), Umeko Goya (Older Sister), Petter Christoferson (Biological Father)


Masa even though is constantly told to cut his hair to play better he shrugs it off and pins his hair back while playing. He's a bit stubborn for he likes his edgy appearance. Even though he's stubborn and isn't the most vocal he wears his heart on his sleeve and his expression usually gives him away.


Masa is a 16 year old demisexual wing spiker. He's the youngest in his family. An old sister, 23, who's the libero on the girl's volleyball team at the local college who's the one who taught him the basics but stopped because of his lack of skill at receives which is what she knows best. He's close with his step dad even though he doesn't know anything about sports he tries and never knew his biological dad for his parents divorced when he was a small child. His sister insists he wasn't anything special. His mom is a nurse and his step dad is a work at home graphic designer. His sister moved out. Both are rather busy so he takes up the majority of the housework, cooking all the family meals and taking up the chores. His step dad enjoys gardening and taught Masa how to tend to it when he's gone on trips for business or is just too busy. Masa originally was on the school basketball team but realized it just wasn't for him and he took up volleyball again. Masa adores his significant other, Leon, and becomes a helpless romantic only around him (or maybe at the mention of him too).
To those that might me interested I just got an Archive Of Our Own account.…
I actually got around to arranging that mess of a gallery @.@

Side Note:
I honestly don't know what happened to the previous chapters of Non-Existant Reality. Chapter 8 is accessible through a link in Chapter 9's description. I tried going in through edit and adding it to the literature folder but it wouldn't let me, saying something along the lines of it not having a summary table so it couldn't be moved?

However the story was really rough and the first place, yet I still want to tell it.. So I MIGHT start it back up again. Get rid of some awful stuff *facepalm* and put in some more thought out things that I already thought of lol because I really do like that story and I'd really like to tell it, I don't know how I'll get around to it with Other Half and school but it's something that I've been wanting to get around to working on more. Deadlines always seem to help HAHAHA 
That's how it was for Dream World and I actually finished that like WHOA I'm capable of finishing a written story incredible and a deadline is also probably why I've actually made Other Half a focus of mine that I work on regularly >.>;;
So yeah just letting you know that I'm aware there's chapters missing and if you have any ideas as for a deadline or whatever for this story that'd be really rad.

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